ZaggFolio for the new iPad (3)

Zaggfolio for the new iPad

The previous model, ZaggFolio for iPad 2 was very close to perfect. The new ZaggFolio for iPad 3 is  just excellent.

The new model retains the visually aesthetic look which will certain to take people’s attention. The keyboard case is still very durable and micro-lining inside contributes the protection against scratches very well.

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What we especially noticed is the better keyboard response. If you are used to type fast, the keyboard of new ZaggFolio will certainly please you.

There are total of seven colors to choose from. You can buy the new iPad Zaggfolio with a genuine leather cover or polyurethane one. Polyurethane models include the very popular Carbon fiber style while the leather models include the traditional black, brown models and plus an interesting alligator style. For genuine leather models you must pay an extra but we think the new iPad 3 really deserves such care.

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Zaggfolio for the new iPad

Battery time remains the same for the new iPad Zaggfolio keyboard case. The keyboard is removable when you don’t want to carry around with you. This is a very nice feature. The keyboards can also be chosen in different colors including white, black and silver.

Zaggfolio for the new iPad

The automatic wake up/sleep mode of the new iPad 3 is supported. See the image below.

Zaggfolio for the new iPad

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Zagg Keyboards Cyber Monday Deal

Do not think twice now if you want to buy a keyboard case for your iPad. Zagg offers 20% discount on all tablet keyboard models during the Cyber Monday 2012.

The offer includes the new hi-end models like ZaggKeys ProPlus too.

Here are short reviews and direct links to Cyber Monday product pages for each model.

ZaggKeys Pro Plus

It is currently the most developed keyboard case by Zagg. The item has backlit keys in seven color choices. The keyboard is embedded into a very thin (7mm) aluminum cover. It feels great to have and use this keyboard for the iPad. Available for all latest iPad models.

zaggkeys pro plus

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ZaggKeys ProFolio+

This is very similar in design but there are differences too. It covers and protects both front and back of the iPad. The material is not aluminum but textured leather. Again, 7 choices of backlit keys are offered.

zaggkeys ProFolio+

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ZaggKeys Pro

You can think this as Pro Plus model without backlit keys. The other features are the same.

zaggkeys pro

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It was a top rated and hit Apple accessory in 2012 and still popular because of high quality. A textured polyurethane or genuine leather material can be chosen on the cover. There are more than 10 color choices and different texture styles. The keyboard color can be customized when you add it to the shopping cart too.


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Logitech keyboard case

Similar to Pro models, but a bit dated in design. It features the brand quality of Logitech.

Logitech keyboard case

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This is a very compact bluetooth keyboard with its own case. Just take the keyboard out of case and put the iPad on the special dock of the keyboard with the help of the case. Great for travels.

Flex keyboard

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Similar to Flex but its keyboard layout is larger for better typing. It can also connect to Android devices besides iPads.


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Zagg Keyboard Review Videos

Logitech Solar Keyboard Case Review

In the last 2 years, Logitech has improved their iPad accessory models a lot and released many high quality items to the market. Especially, their keyboard case models have managed to get high praises from the community.

Their latest release is Solar keyboard folio case for iPad 3 and 2. What differs this item from competitors like Zagg is that Logitech put solar cells on the case to constantly provide energy to the integrated keyboard. The energy you get is unlimited because the cells not only grab free energy from direct daytime solar light but also usual ambient light (dim light, light from a usual lamp in your living room etc)

Logitech Solar Keyboard iPad 3

The integrated battery is so good that you can use it for a few years even in total darkness!! So, simply forget about charging. But, actually it is not the main selling point.

The biggest advantage of having the Logitech solar keyboard is the unrivaled tactive feedback and well designed keyboard layout. Simply touch typists’ heaven… even on a compact size in comparison to a usual full size QWERTY keyboard.

Logitech did not put the iPad specific keys on a separate top row. Instead you will use a function key to make action with them. It is a wise choice and very simple to use.


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Luvvitt Aluminum Keyboard Case for iPad 3

Who Would Buy This?
The Luvvitt iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to be able to add keyboard functionality to their iPad. It also functions as an iPad case that can provide adequate protection to your iPad as well.

luvvitt ipad 3

Quick Glance at the Luvvitt iPad Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case/Cover

• Ultra Thin Design
• Compatible with iPad 3
• Extra Long Standby time
• High Density Padding

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Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Review

Have you ever tried to type a letter or a long email on the iPad screen? It’s simply much easier to use a computer with a keyboard to do this. However, there is now a solution available that will allow you to connect a keyboard to your iPad so that you can type on it just like you would on your computer, and this device is called the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard.

ultrathin ipad keyboard

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Overview

This is a stylish Bluetooth wireless keyboard that easily connects to your iPad. It is incredibly thin, 8 mm thick, and has a look and feel that was designed to complement the design of your iPad. It uses magnets to firmly dock the iPad to the keyboard. When attached to the keyboard, the iPad snaps firmly into place and is very secure. The keyboard is also very lightweight and small enough to easily hold in one hand or fit into a bag.
When holding the keyboard and iPad on your lap, you will notice that the weight has been evenly spread so that it sits on your lap evenly and comfortably. You can connect the iPad to this keyboard in either a landscape or portrait viewing mode so that you can type or watch movies while using the optimum viewing angle. It also comes with a super thin screen cover that provides decent protection to your iPad screen as well. And just a like a laptop, once you close the iPad cover, it automatically puts your iPad into sleep mode, and when you open the cover, the iPad immediately wakes up.

Best iPad 3 Keyboard Cases

Finally, you have bought the best gadget of 2012 and most probably you are looking for the most efficient ways to increase your productivity. A good solution is to use a bluetooth keyboard for the new iPad 3. And the best solution is when the keyboard is integrated into a protective case as well. There are several parameters for the optimum choice: Price, material quality, durability, ease of use and obviously style.

In this review, we will have a look at only the best iPad 3 keyboard case models.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case for iPad 3

Buy on Amazon.comThis one is very close to the perfection. A classy looking, top quality model from Targus which wipes out the competition. Targus offers both black and white colors but we have especially fallen in love with the white one. First of all, our congrats go for the material quality used for the cover. It is made of a very durable shell which is also water resistant. It means that you can clean the surface with a wet cloth. It will not hold dirt and lose its attractive look by time.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case iPad 3

As you can notice from the following images, this accessory has a beautiful design. The inside is well padded with soft lining. The protection is achieved in both ways; outside and inside. There are holes for the camera, charging port and other functions, ports.

The iPad is attached to the case with a rotatable mechanism. It means that you can change to the portrait or landscape orientation without taking the tablet out of the case easily. Just rotate it and the task is done. The Apple Logo is totally shown in the center which will attract attention and also emphasize the hi-tech feeling of the 3rd generation Apple tablet.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case iPad 3

There are multiple viewing angles for typing. Let’s emphasize that this case was built to fit to iPad 3 specifically. So, it was designed by considering the slight increase in the new iPad 3 dimensions.

The keyboard is the next joyful part to talk about. It connects to the tablet in seconds and typing on it quite comfortable. There is a right shift key. It is significant to have it to touch type in high speeds. The keys are spaced very well. You will not make mistakes on hitting the keys. A similar experience to using a regular QWERTY keyboard.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case iPad 3

We could not find any serious issue to complain. We have only a minor one. The addition of slots and a pocket for credit cards and small papers on the surface of the inner cover would be perfect. There is a slot for a stylus on the left side.

Overall, we would highly recommend ordering Targus Versavu iPad 3 keyboard case. Our score is 9/10

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