Best iPad 3 Keyboard Cases

Finally, you have bought the best gadget of 2012 and most probably you are looking for the most efficient ways to increase your productivity. A good solution is to use a bluetooth keyboard for the new iPad 3. And the best solution is when the keyboard is integrated into a protective case as well. There are several parameters for the optimum choice: Price, material quality, durability, ease of use and obviously style.

In this review, we will have a look at only the best iPad 3 keyboard case models.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case for iPad 3

Buy on Amazon.comThis one is very close to the perfection. A classy looking, top quality model from Targus which wipes out the competition. Targus offers both black and white colors but we have especially fallen in love with the white one. First of all, our congrats go for the material quality used for the cover. It is made of a very durable shell which is also water resistant. It means that you can clean the surface with a wet cloth. It will not hold dirt and lose its attractive look by time.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case iPad 3

As you can notice from the following images, this accessory has a beautiful design. The inside is well padded with soft lining. The protection is achieved in both ways; outside and inside. There are holes for the camera, charging port and other functions, ports.

The iPad is attached to the case with a rotatable mechanism. It means that you can change to the portrait or landscape orientation without taking the tablet out of the case easily. Just rotate it and the task is done. The Apple Logo is totally shown in the center which will attract attention and also emphasize the hi-tech feeling of the 3rd generation Apple tablet.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case iPad 3

There are multiple viewing angles for typing. Let’s emphasize that this case was built to fit to iPad 3 specifically. So, it was designed by considering the slight increase in the new iPad 3 dimensions.

The keyboard is the next joyful part to talk about. It connects to the tablet in seconds and typing on it quite comfortable. There is a right shift key. It is significant to have it to touch type in high speeds. The keys are spaced very well. You will not make mistakes on hitting the keys. A similar experience to using a regular QWERTY keyboard.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case iPad 3

We could not find any serious issue to complain. We have only a minor one. The addition of slots and a pocket for credit cards and small papers on the surface of the inner cover would be perfect. There is a slot for a stylus on the left side.

Overall, we would highly recommend ordering Targus Versavu iPad 3 keyboard case. Our score is 9/10

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ZaggFolio for the new iPad

This is slightly cheaper than Targus Versavu white one and at the same price with the black Versavu case. Zagg’s flagship model for iPad 3 is sold for $99. Especially, the carbon fiber cover model for the case is quite distinctive and attraction grabber. There are genuine leather coverage options as well, but it would cost you an extra around $30. Alligator and traditional black leather models are best sellers.

Zaggfolio new iPad

Many iPad owners want elegance at the same time getting the protection, durability and easy typing on the wireless keyboard. ZaggFolio features the all. It is currently a best seller in the market thanks to Zagg quality guarantee on all items.

Zaggfolio new iPad

We think that ZaggFolio has the same performing keyboard comparet to Targus. It has also all needed special iPad specific functions including copy&paste, volume, home, search.

If you will buy this one, also do not forget to protect the surface or body of the new iPad 3 with Invisible Shield HD.

Our rating is again 9/10.

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Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2

Buy on Amazon.comWhat makes the Kensington model different is the lower price in comparison to ZaggFolio and Targus Versavu. Plus, it has a detachable keyboard design. It means that you can just carry the iPad in the case without the keyboard if you don’t plan to type heavily during your travel. It is a nice feature. Let’s also mention that actually it is the same keyboard case model which is suitable for iPad 2.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2

Just because iPad 2 and the new iPad do differ in sizes very minimally in thickness, Kensington has chosen not to release a separate product model. You don’t need to worry because iPad 3 is very nicely secured inside using the flap. Just properly use with the flap. For the price value, we can suggest buying this model.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2

Surely, it is not as much stylish as the previously mentioned cases with bluetooth keyboards.

Our rating is 8/10.

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