Kensington KeyFolio Expert Review

This is a new keyboard case release by Kensington for the 3rd generation iPad. It is also compatible with iPad 1 and iPad 2 because of the micro-suction technology which allows using the any iPad in both portrait and landscape modes. It holds the iPad securely and the micro-suction layer is non-sticky.  (Full features on product page)

The opening and closing of the case is done by the magnetic closure easily. All controls, ports and connectors of KeyFolio Expert are fully accessed while the tablet is in the case.

Kensington Keyfolio Expert

The inside material is micro-fiber to protect the device from scratches internally as well. As you probably know, it is now an industry standard and do not buy any case which lacks the interior micro-fiber layer.

The stand functions in both low and high angles. We especially liked the option for low angle for easier typing.

The scissor style keys provide the best tactile feeling for the fingers. There is a second shift key on the right side which means that you can now type in fast speeds without sacrificing speed on capital letters. Touch typists know what we are talking about.

Kensington Keyfolio Expert

The top row is mostly assigned to iPad specific functions. The keys include the multimedia buttons (play, pause, next, previous, volume levels) as well as Home, Search, copy, paste etc.

The battery of the iPad 3 keyboard is rechargeable and will give you enough juice for weeks before the next charge. It includes the charging USB cable in the package.

Kensington Keyfolio Expert

Overall, Kensington KeyFolio Expert for iPad is a very lightweight and compact solution for the mobile typing needs on your tablet. A recommended purchase to increase productivity.

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Kensington Keyfolio Expert