Luvvitt Aluminum Keyboard Case for iPad 3

Who Would Buy This?
The Luvvitt iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to be able to add keyboard functionality to their iPad. It also functions as an iPad case that can provide adequate protection to your iPad as well.

luvvitt ipad 3

Quick Glance at the Luvvitt iPad Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case/Cover

• Ultra Thin Design
• Compatible with iPad 3
• Extra Long Standby time
• High Density Padding

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The Luvvitt iPad Bluetooth keyboard will give you the ability to turn your iPad into a mini Apple laptop, while also acting as a storage case when the iPad is closed. Its super slim design makes it the world’s thinnest Bluetooth wireless keyboard measuring at only 11mm thick. It features a silver black color scheme that blends in perfectly with your iPad and its U.S. keyboard style layout features key that are responsive and have plenty of bounce. It also features short cut keys for volume control, music control, search, home, and more.
The keyboard is also incredibly light weighing in at 9.5 ounces and its precision cut enclosure is lined with a high density padding that will give your iPad extra protection when you close it down onto the keyboard. You can actually mount your iPad to the keyboard in either portrait or landscape mode via the soft rubber stoppers which can be found on the base of each corner. These stoppers also prevent the keys from resting on the screen when the iPad is folded down.

luvvitt ipad 3

Establishing a wireless connection from your iPad to the keyboard is a breeze and a simple USB connection is all that it takes to supply the keyboard with power. Once charged up, you can expect to get about 90 hours of continuous usage and when it comes to stand by time, you can get as much as 60 days.

Accessories Included
• USB to Micro-USB Charging Cable
• User Manual

Some users of the Luvvitt iPad Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard thought that the keys were very small, and that the non standard placement of some of the keys made it difficult to get used to. Also, there were other users who thought that the ergonomic design of the keyboard was off due to the fact that the lip that surrounded the keyboard was actually a little higher than the keys. This caused some of them to experience pain in their wrist due to how this design caused them to type.

Value for the Money
The Luvvitt iPad Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard would be considered a decent buy primarily because of its overall functionality and super thin design. It will provide you with an opportunity to turn your iPad into a full function miniature Apple laptop.

Where to Buy
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