Top 7 iPad 3 Keyboard Cases

ZaggFolio iPad 3

If you hate the virtual keyboard of iPad and want real productivity, aim to type in fast speeds to chat, for your work documents or any other serious typing task, you need a well performing keyboard (mostly, they are integrated into a protective case). Zaggfolio is without doubt the best in terms of keyboard performance, build quality. The case is not bulky and can be bought either hard polyurethane or as a pricey genuine leather.

Bluetooth pairing between the iPad 3 keyboard case and Zaggfolio is very fast and easy. The next time when you open the keyboard, it will automatically pair up with the keyboard.

The top quality and usability is the main reason that we have listed this product as the first choice in our website.

Targus Versavu iPad 3

This is the most beautiful keyboard case for iPad 3 in the market so far. The model is available in both black and bone white colors and we just admire the white one. One of the visually stunning detail is the reveal of the Apple logo in the center.

Plus, as a design, there is a rotating axis in the center which enables changing between landscape and portrait orientations easily without first removing the iPad3 from the case.

Targus Versavu keyboard case for the new iPad has the same price tag as in Zaggfolio and share the similar features. This one has also a right shift key to increase the typing speed especially for touch typists.

The inside material is micro-fiber type and it protects the device against scratches internally too.

Keyfolio Expert Keyboard Case

Kensington’s iPad 3 keyboard case, KeyFolio Expert is also widely praised by its quality and convenient keyboard.

It shares similar properties with Zaggfolio and Targus Versavu as well.

It is currently $10 more expensive in comparison to this.

Magnetic closure works as in smart covers for the Apple’s tablet. It wakes up the tablet when opened and puts to sleep mode when closed.

Very handy. Kensington keyboard is less bulky than the competitors but we think that Zaggfolio and Versavu have better keys to hit.

Multi-angle stand support is standard.

Overall, it is also a favorable option for your tablet.

Logitech iPad Keyboard

If you don’t want to carry your iPad in a case but still want to use a keyboard, the best solutions comes from Logitech.

It is a bluetooth keyboard with its very compact size which can even enter to your jacket’s pocket or to a pouch type case or bag together with the iPad.

The Logitech iPad keyboard case has its own carrying case and you simply take out the keyboard and use this flip-type case as a stand.

The accessory will work with iPad 1 and 2 models too.

The current price is a lot cheaper than the previously mentioned models.

It has very high ratings on Amazon because of the Logitech quality.

Khomo Case

Do you want an affordable keyboard case for your new iPad 3 tablet?

If you don’t want to spend $99 for the high-end Zaggfolio or Targus Versavu and still enjoy considerable quality without any problems with bluetooth pairing and typing the keys, our recommendation would be Khomo iPad 3 case with keyboard.

This model has a detachable keyboard which is desirable by also many users who don’t need to carry the keyboard at all times.

So, you can just use it like a regular case and attach the keyboard when needed for your travel.

The case is made of polyurethane material (now, it is a standard in mobile gadgets).

The black color model has an elegant, business type look and the price is almost half of the top models.

Rock iPad Case

This is a designed made case which is not known and chosen a lot.

But, we think that it is worth the price. We especially liked that the Apple Logo reveals behind when you position the back as a stand.

The case will fit nicely to iPad 3 as well.

It is a thin case with 22mm thickness.

The case has no rotating mechanism as in Versavu. The outer material is very good and the inside is micro-fibered.

The case has the best cutouts we have ever seen, including the holes for the speaker and rear camera.

By the way, the keyboard quality is not the best.

We would certainly choose Zagg Folio for the functionality but if you aim to have a very stylish case, choose Rock iPad 3 keyboard case.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro2 for iPad3

This model is also very popular on Amazon stores and high number of positive customer feedback. The QWERTY keyboard is sized as in other models from different brands mentioned here. Not small but also not in the size of a standard laptop keyboard. The keys on the keyboard are well placed and you will not feel any inconvenience on typing. You just need a few hours for getting used to the smaller size. That’s it. They keyboard features iPad 3 specific keys including the Home, search buttons and media control keys such as volume up, down, play, stop etc.

On the other hand, it will add some bulk to your device. It is not lightweight. But, as a plus, the keyboard is detachable. It means that you can even type by laying on a sofa from distance. The price tag is less expensive than the other hi-end keyboard case models for Apple iPad 3

GumDrop Cases Drop iPad3

Ok. This is not actually a keyboard case model but the most protective “drop-shock eliminating” case for the iPad 3.

We would like to list this here to inform our blog readers about the case’s availability.

If you prefer to buy Logitech tablet keyboard for iPad, you can also choose this item for maximum tablet protection.

It has dual layers of protection with shock-absorbing qualites and rubber edges to reinforce the tablet.

It ships with a screen cover as well but we suggest buying Invisible Shield HD for the screen by Zagg for this purpose.

Gumdrop Drop case for iPad 3 is expensive but is worth of every single dime and the highest praises. Currently, we found the best price on