ZaggFolio for the new iPad (3)

Zaggfolio for the new iPad

The previous model, ZaggFolio for iPad 2 was very close to perfect. The new ZaggFolio for iPad 3 is  just excellent.

The new model retains the visually aesthetic look which will certain to take people’s attention. The keyboard case is still very durable and micro-lining inside contributes the protection against scratches very well.

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What we especially noticed is the better keyboard response. If you are used to type fast, the keyboard of new ZaggFolio will certainly please you.

There are total of seven colors to choose from. You can buy the new iPad Zaggfolio with a genuine leather cover or polyurethane one. Polyurethane models include the very popular Carbon fiber style while the leather models include the traditional black, brown models and plus an interesting alligator style. For genuine leather models you must pay an extra but we think the new iPad 3 really deserves such care.

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Zaggfolio for the new iPad

Battery time remains the same for the new iPad Zaggfolio keyboard case. The keyboard is removable when you don’t want to carry around with you. This is a very nice feature. The keyboards can also be chosen in different colors including white, black and silver.

Zaggfolio for the new iPad

The automatic wake up/sleep mode of the new iPad 3 is supported. See the image below.

Zaggfolio for the new iPad

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